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#Breaking: Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid best player got killed in a shooting incident

The title undoubtedly attracted football fans who opened the link to read with a shock controling them, but these people who are worried about Ronaldo should relax because the star of your Royal club is healthy; he wasn’t killed. In fact the victim who was killed is a child from Palestine and specifically from Gaza. […]

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Shareeda from Gaza

By: Intimaa Al-Sudoudi  There is an established fact that shapes every human being’s belief and gives him a smile that persists despite all challenge and obstacles: that nobody can muzzle the sun or extinguish freedom. Israel, occupation, bloodshed, power cuts, poverty, siege, division, etc: All of these frustrations seek, in every single minute, to […]

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Canvas of Life

By: Nihaya Jaber As a 20-year-old Palestinian living in the besieged land of Gaza, I’ve grown up with my people, sharing the same bitterness of the persistence to live a normal life as much as possible despite all the obstacles we face every day. Being among people of the same culture and same daily life […]

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Hunger striking for dignity and freedom

Mahmoud SarsakOur brother and son, Mahmoud Sarsak, is a 25 years old professional footballer from Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, today entering his 74th day of hunger strike. We ask you to support Mahmoud and his demand for fair treatment. Your voice can contribute to saving his life and to a little victory […]

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Behind The Bars..

By: Roba Salipi I was thinking the whole day how can someone describe a great woman. I mean, you stand helpless in front of the computer thinking what might be a good start. This is exactly what is happening with me right now. I have a revolution inside myself but words are letting me down. […]

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Why Fuck Egypt?

A few days ago, seemingly out of the blue, Palestinian activists starting tweeting “F*** Egypt.” Many people started asking, Why f*** Egypt? What do you mean? Who are Palestinians, who’ve managed to be occupied by three warring forces—Israel, the PA and Hamas—to dare say such a thing to Egyptians?  We Palestinians had immense expectations in […]


Egypt and Palestine…one people and one revolution

  Samah Ahmed, Palestinian journalist from Gaza, and three other Italian citizens supporting Palestine were arrested by the Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces SCAF on 26th November, 2011 in Cairo. The Egyptian security forces claim that they burned some palm trees belonging to one of the luxury hotels in Egypt. The media immediately started […]


GYBO is recording a rap song for the Arab revolutions in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Gaza

Who Are We? We are a group of Palestinian youth effected by the political psychological economic, and most of all social siege imposed on Gaza Strip, decided to articulate the resultant anger and frustration through Hip Hop music. We felt that it is our responsibility to introduce a unique voice that promotes peace and understanding […]

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On August 14th 2011 Abu Yazan, a young political activist from Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO) has been arrested by the Hamas authority. After returning from a trip to France, where he was invited to hold talks about the current situation of the besieged Gaza Strip, he has been called in two times for questioning, […]



Many people consider that traveling is a cool thing, easy to go from a place to any other one in the world, that all you need to do is set a date for your travel, then book your flight through a phone call or using the internet… I think that’s what most people do, right? […]

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