The Mystery

The song is performed by the newly created GYBO rap team and it’s dedicated to all the freedom fighters world wide, to all those who raised the palestinian flag to face zionism and specially to the passengers of the flotilla1, flotila2, flytilla, viva palestina convoys, road to hope convoy, Africa to Gaza, Asia to gaza […]


We’re using non-violence; STOP SHOOTING

Take a few minutes of your time …. watch….rethink and question the INDIFEERENCE Peaceful demonstrations shot at by the Israeli occupation, and the world stands still!!!!!!!! With your solidarity we break the silence , Join us and be part exposing the Israeli propaganda !!!


A Naksa Inside Another!

As part of our ongoing activities to fight the illegal occupation, we along with other youth groups, marched to erez crossing in commemoration of Naksa day “1967 6-day war”. Around 12 pm, ISM activists along with 10s of Palestinians gathered in beit hannon to march straight to the buffer zones. After continuous threats by the […]


witnesses speak about the real circumstances at Rafah crossing

The media covered the statement of opening Rafah passage Permanently ; Yesterday, we went to observe what’s happening at the entrance of Rafah and we were shocked with what we’ve witnessed! Please watch the video to realize the truth of the circumstances at Rafah crossing.


With love and respect from the bottom of my heart to my Italian Family

Since the day I heard about the Italian convoy that is coming to Gaza I was longing to meet Vitorrio’s friends, and dreaming of the day they would arrive in Gaza. The 12th of May was the arrival day. It was a long day because some friends and I had to wait for the convoy […]



In Gaza, if you criticize Israel; You’ll never be able to leave Gaza. – In Gaza, if you criticize Hammas; You’ll be called a collaborator. – In Gaza, if you criticize Fateh; You’ll never have a job! – In Gaza, the only jobs available are taxi driver, tunnel trafficker and a politician. – In Gaza, […]



Vittorio Arrigoni

Vittorio settled in Gaza in 2008, after arriving on the Free Gaza Movement boats that broke the illegal siege for the first time. I still remember him calling it the happiest day of his life, when he came and hugged his brothers in the Strip. He often put his struggle for human rights on the […]

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Why Palestinians protested on March 15! By Rawan Abu-Shahla to the Electronic Intefada

We are a group of Palestinian youths who have come together for the sole purpose of leaving behind our political identities and affiliations, and deciding to put our best interests above all else, united under our Palestinian flag. We have called for peaceful demonstrations on Tuesday, 15 March across the Palestinian nation — in the […]

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New Facebook Pages Policy – Why we can’t post

Yesterday, we’ve been surprised when we got this message from Facebook: Warnings › I was blocked or disabled I have been blocked from using a feature. Facebook has policies to stop behavior that other users may find annoying or abusive. Even if you did not have this intention, Facebook systems have determined that you were repeatedly […]

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Don’t distort our speech!

Many activists reject our movement and consider us as some Zionist machinery because in the manifesto, we’ve been denouncing Hamas – among others. It’s always amazing to see the shortcuts people’s minds can take and how good they are at condemning without even trying to understand. We’d like to remind all our goal: yes we […]

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